The Marital Home

There has been a great deal written about all aspects of divorce mediation, however in all our reading we have seen very little about the importance of the marital home. The marital home plays a critical role in all aspects of the divorce process. This is particularly true when there are children in the home. Besides its intrinsic value, the home represents the very foundation of the family life. The memories, birth of children, family holidays, parties and celebrations or just a safe and quiet place to come home to. There are also the struggles like death and illness, financial difficulties, fighting, unwanted chores and responsibilities. For some there are things in the house that are especially important to one... Read More

Our Bias Is Mediation

The word divorce is rarely in the lexicon of a newly married couple and we hope it never will be. However, as time goes on, the possibility of that dreaded thought starts to creep in for some of us. The unfortunate reality some of us have to face is that approximately 50% of all couples marrying today will be facing divorce some time in their future, which is indeed a daunting prospect. Our purpose in writing this is not to lament this fact or find a way to change it, but rather to look at how this life crisis can be resolved in a way for families to heal and move on with their lives. Mediation vs. Litigation For most... Read More