Family Mediation

Family mediation is an effective tool for settling disputes between family members. Often, it is used to create a divorce settlement. Divorce is a tough transition for families, but when spouses are able to work together to create an arrangement that works for them and their children, the situation is much easier.

Mediation is the preferred method for settling a divorce and the benefits of mediation are far greater because you and your divorcing spouse rather than a judge or lawyers are in control of the outcome. For starters, the process is much less expensive than settling a divorce through the adversarial process. It takes less time and creates less animosity between spouses. It also puts you in control of your settlement. This means you, and not a judge, make decisions about important issues like custody, visitation time, child and spousal support, and the division of assets. When necessary, couples can work with professionals who specialize in these issues, but ultimately the final decisions are their choice.

A great example of when mediation is especially effective is when a couple is capable of communicating and wants to make their split amicable, but they are struggling to come to terms with issues about parenting time and how they will divide their assets.

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