Parenting Plans

The goal of creating a sound parenting plan is to encourage the divorcing couple to work together so that each of you can continue have quality time with your children, and amicably resolve parenting issues should they arise in the future. A parenting plan resolves which of the two of you will be the primary residential parent, the one with whom your children will live more than half the time and establish a routine schedule for them to be with the other parent. It will take into account family traditions, holidays, special needs, school vacations, special occasions and the needs of the children.

Child psychology experts believe a parenting plan is an important tool for divorced couples to use within their families. This is because it creates clear expectations and ensures children receive the same message from both parents. Designing the parenting plan is empowering for parents because it solidifies the role each will play in their child’s life after divorce.

Beverly and George will help you to create a parenting plan that will fit with your lifestyle, while being in the best interests of your children. In their experience, a parenting plan is an important issue that is best resolved in mediation and subsequently memorialized in a Memorandum of Understanding. For more information call us at (973) 539-5242 or email us at